My name is Josh Komen, I'm a two time leukemia survivor, author and speaker based in Greymouth, New Zealand.

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The wind at my back

By Josh Komen
#2 on New Zealand's bestseller list
Before cancer
I knew what it was like to be strong healthy and happy, soon that would be taken away from me. This was me when I was in the best form in my life, where I became one of the fastest 800m runners in New Zealand. Two months later I would be diagnosed with leukaemia and running a different race. A race for my life.
How life can change
The aftermath of chemo and radiation. How much my body changed from the above photo. I became lost, confused, angry, frustrated and deeply depressed. I thought life had been taken away from me, though life hadn’t been taken away I was just living life differently than what I presumed it would be. I was only starting to live fully.
Dead or alive
I spent ten days on life support, there was a big question mark weather I would wake from the coma or not. Fortunately I did. I'm sure my running background helped me through this difficult time for me and my family.
Dreams do come true
After my first diagnosis, I then achieved a childhood dream becoming a solo skydiver. Preserver through pain and dreams can come true.
On top of the world
Another dream came true after my first diagnosis, it was tough going to make it to Everest basecamp, but with a will and a way I persevere through the ‘good pain’ as I knew what real pain felt like. An incredible achievement after being diagnosed with leukemia the year prior.